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Chartography - The Thompson Twins

Sadly the blog goes stale more often than not which is a shame as I have quite a lot of stuff to share. If I only had as much time and will... Well, let's try to change the situation. Here's a new chartography - for The Thompson Twins. This interesting bunch started off as underground noisemakers but within a couple of years proceeded to reinvent themselves, both in numbers and image, to become one of the brightest "New Pop" stars of their era. They impacted North America especially and managed to have bona fide hits there right into the late 1980s, while their success in other regions had waned already. It's there where TT's main man Tom Bailey still headlines the stadium-sized shows and he even managed to resurrect his recording carrier in the process, releasing his first solo album in 2018. The band occupies a curious position in the history of the 1980s pop music, being among performers who milked the opportunities presented by MTV to the fullest and yet not being much talked about from the creative angle. Yet their place is firmly established and from the chart file, I think, you can see why.

The Thompson Twins

(Download and open in Microsoft Word for the bestest viewing experience😊)

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