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Chartography - Yazoo

So now another revue of a performer's achievements chartwise. Yazoo were big news for a couple of years, seemingly had a long and successful carrier ahead of them - judging by the early successes. The combination of catchy synth motives and bluesy vocals was truly ahead of its time - and a formula seldom repeated since. Still, they helped make synth music acceptable in the mainstream, showed its flexibility and wide reach. Their albums are a bit inconsistent, but generally are strong and enjoyable. So it was quite a shock to see them disband at the height of their popularity. Hard to judge if they had more to offer - well-covered internal tensions aside, did they have anywhere to go with their established style? Even Eurythmics - the band they paved the way for (and one that's going to be featured here in time) - all but put electronics aside after a couple of albums' worth of experimenting. Perhaps they just gave all they could - and decided not to waste everybody's time. One way or the other, they still left their mark on the development of electronic and pop music - and for that should be praised and respected.

Remarkably successful chart carrier, by the way - one you don't generally expect from an "indee" band: worldwide successes on a big scale, both with singles and albums! So the file is uncharacteristically long for a band with a couple of long players and a handful of singles☺ Also I included The Assembly single - because why not. Enjoy!


(Download and open in Microsoft Word for the best viewing experience😊)

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